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We are a marketing and management company operated by a Japanese proprietor based in Los Angeles, California, USA. We establish a relationship of mutual inspiration and motivation to create a prosperous future.

What We Do

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Licensing business, importing/exporting business agent &
exclusive business set up, and B2B communication.

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We can offer various marketing strategies via our vast marketing data and expertise.

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We provide support for the creation of successful products
for a wide range of markets.

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Management support, both setting up and actually conducting management in USA
for Japanese specialists and artists looking to enter the USA market.

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Interested in partnership? We can offer business developments
that could engage into a 50% owner partnership.

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A Glimpse of What We Do

Case Study

  • Media

    case study
  • Manufacture / Beauty

  • Management

    case study
  • CardioBarre

    case study
  • Baycrew’s

    case study
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Los Angeles California USA
319 E. 2nd St.,Suite 203
Los Angeles, CA 90012
213 680 2408

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    Call us: 213 680 2408
    visit us: 319 E. 2nd St.,Suite 203 LA, CA 90012
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