Consent of terms of service

Before using this web site operated by Fundsmedia Inc (hereinafter referred to as FM), please read the following terms of use carefully and agree to use it. If you do not agree with us, we are sorry, but please refrain from using our site. If you use our site, we will treat it as you having agreed to all of the following conditions.

Scope of the terms of service

These customer terms of service applies to the use of information providing services using this website and various Internet services provided by FM

Browsing environment of the website

In your own responsibility and burden, you prepare and use the necessary communication equipment, software, telephone usage agreement and Internet connection agreement etc for using this service. In addition, the communication fee, connection fee, etc related to the use of this service will be borne by the customer.

Obligations / responsibilities of users

In using the Service, the customer shall not conduct the following acts.

  • Acts of infringing or may infringe the rights of FM or its clients and its affiliated companies etc.
  • Acts of infringing or may infringe the properties of FM or its client and its affiliated companies etc.
  • As well as 1 and 2 above, acts of causing damages or may cause damage to FM or its clients and its affiliated companies etc.
  • Illegitimate use of ID and password used on this website.
  • Acts of using unauthorized use of another person’s ID or password.
  • Act of causing ID or password to be transferred or used by a third party.
  • Acts of using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses through this service or in connection with this service.
  • Acts of using this service by unauthorized use of credit card.
  • Unjustly interferes with the operation of this service, causing disadvantage or acts that may be feared to FM.
  • Acts that violate FM’s or other third party’s intellectual property rights or copyrights and or other rights.
  • Acts that slander, hurt honor or credit of FM or a third party.
  • Acts that violate or may infringe property, privacy, portrait rights or publicity rights of FM or a third party.
  • Acts that may violate or violate laws or regulations.
  • Acts related to criminal acts or criminal acts, or acts that may be likely to be related to criminal acts.

Agreement when the user causes problems

In the event that FM or a partner company suffers damages by acts contrary to the terms of this agreement or by illegal or illegal conduct, we may request damages for said customer.
FM is not responsible for the dispute that occurs between the customer and the third party. The damage etc the customer gave to the third party shall be resolved at the customer’s responsibility and burden.

Business exemption indemnity

FM is making its efforts to deliver reliable information to users, but regarding the quality of service, the information of quality, integrity, accuracy, safety, legality, concurrence etc will not be guaranteed by FM.
Please make all use of this website at your own risk.

FM is not responsible for all damages caused by software, hardware accident, failure of communication environment, troubles caused between you and a third party, other accidents etc caused by using this website.

Termination, suspension, and change of the company’s site

FM may change or terminate the contents of this service without notifying the customer in advance.
FM will not be held responsible for the disadvantage or damage incurred by the customer in accordance with the change etc in the preceding paragraph.

Handling information on users

FM shall handle your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy posted separately, and you should read this policy carefully, agree to this policy, and use this service accordingly.

Intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks etc)

FM or its providers have intellectual property rights such as copyrights etc of all works, portraits, marks and other information on this website and the right to use them along with other rights. Please refrain from using the contents posted on this website without permission.
The right concerning the trademark (trademark, copyright) displayed on this website belongs to FM or the right holder who has authorized the use to FM. Please refrain from using any intellectual property rights without obtaining permission from the rights holder.

Governing law, dispute resolution, competent court

The California State Act of the United States shall apply to the establishment, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of this Agreement and the contract pertaining to the use of this Service.

  1. In the event of a dispute between the customer and FM or its client partner etc in relation to this agreement and the contract concerning the use of this service, the parties will discuss in good faith and make efforts to solve such disputes.
  2. In the event of a dispute with FM regarding the use of this Agreement and this Service, the California State Court in the United States shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction.